Sisters Adriane Polo and Marina Polovic were told countless stories while growing up in Slovenia, former Yugoslavia.  They were told by their grandfather Franjo Polovic who was from Croatia about a little village where the family  came from. It was a village of Polos. The vic on the end of their last name means village of.  The sisters lived in the small border town of Capodistria (Koper). Their parents Stane and Slavica Polovic took them every weekend across the border to Italy to trade goods like butter, figs, and get their bowls of gelato, pop and other goodies.

Later in 1967 the family  immigrated to Canada, escaping the Communist rule. They went to school in Brampton, Ontario and quickly became Canadian. In 1973, their parents moved the family once more to follow their dream. They sold everything and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where over five years they built a 57′ sailboat. Once again sold the house and all their possessions were ditched and they moved aboard the sailboat, spending the next few years sailing offshore and ending up in Hawaii, where they found their personal paradise.

The Polo sisters shared in some of their adventure but went their own way to follow careers as producers, event coordinators, journalists and publishers. Now with their kids grown, the sisters are ready to answer the question that has been haunting them throughout their lives.


Are they related to Marco Polo?


To find out they are going to recreate part of Marco Polo’s route spanning 20 countries, deadly desserts,  mountain passes and political turmoil. Their journey will span 800 years in order to find out what Marco Polo Family Ties really mean.


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The Polo sisters: Marina Polovic and Adriane Polo

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