The cost of this expedition is huge. We are on the road for over 6 months, travelling over 20 countries, covering over 25,000 miles; by land, by camels, by foot, by boat. We need equipment and, supplies. We need accommodation as well as clothing and footwear. We need cameras, still and video, to document our story. We need to pay local taxes, fares, visas.

How you can help/pre-order:

You can help support this historic trip by pre-ordering the books and the DVD. To do that we are asking the following:

$100 donation

Includes 2 books and 2 DVDs of the pre-expedition trip and the Journey.

$50 donation

Book and the DVD of the pre-expedition trip

$25 donation

Either book or DVD of the pre-expedition trip

Cash Donation of  any amount is always greatly appreciated. Any amount you can donate would be awesome.




We are going to be inviting people to join us for specific legs of the Journey. If you are interested please Contact Us