The Team

Sailing the Baja Peninsula
Marina Polovic

Marina is a magazine and book publisher working on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. She lives on a 5 acre hobby farm where she grows dandelions and enjoys the apples, grapes and nuts that come in with the season. A photographer and writer, she is also a sailor. She has been offshore sailing several times and writes a weekly newspaper column and edits a monthly magazine.

Born in Slovenia, she grew up in Brampton, Ontario then lived in Vancouver, and North Vancouver before trading in the city for small town charm with her husband who sadly passed away in 2007.  Her son is 23. Her favorite saying is from Frank Ogden (aka Dr Tomorrow) “Imagine the possibilities.”


Adriane Polo
Adriane Polo

Adriane quest for adventure started as a teen, reading all the adventure novels like Slocum’s Sailing Alone Around The World, and with her father Stane, built an 18 foot wooden sailboat, using only hand tools. Stane also made all the sails by hand using an old sewing machine. She recalls how special those sailing trips were, when he, her mom Slavica, younger sister Marina and their dog Kingu, sailed every weekend in Ontario. Their quest for adventure continued when the whole family moved to Vancouver, BC because it was close to the ocean. Stane and Slavica, build a 57 foot ketch sailboat “Rhapsodia” and sailed all around the Pacific Coast and Hawaii. Adriane and Marina accompanied on some of those voyages. Adriane started a family of her own and raised three kids. Now that the kids are grown up she hears the call of the ocean and that quest for family ties, to discover their roots, their history, to find that meaning in the stories they were told growing up.  She looks forward to doing this adventure with her sister Marina.