The Expedition


Part 1 Pre-expedition research trip, April/May 2016

Korcula, Croatia  (visiting the house where Marco Polo  was born, where his parents lived, visiting the museum and interviewing people, searching their archives. Addressing the controversy that some say he was born here, some say in Venice)

Maribor, Slovenia (visiting where our father was born. Talking to our relatives and following those Polo roots to see where they lead)

Genoa, Italy (visiting the prison site where he was kept captive, where the famous book was written)

Venice, Italy  (vising the place that displays his last will, visiting the house he lived while in Italy, the place where he died, his burial site, his relatives, visiting the museum and the archives. Going to the port he sailed from to begin his journey.


Part 2 The Journey, Summer 2017

The retracing of his route, stopping at all significant towns and ports, will begin in the summer 2017 and will take approximately 6 months to complete. We will be inviting people along for different legs of the journey. More info to follow. Please check out the ROUTE

Watch our Project Overview VIDEO on Youtube that explains the journey we are doing. Click HERE  to watch the video