Walking to fitness

Walking is to fitness, what garlic is to food. You know how they say garlic is good for you, it boosts your immune system, it thins the blood, plus numerous other health benefits, and what so awesome about it is you can have it with virtual any entrées as it flavors the meal. It is an essential ingredient. Do you know what else is essential? Walking. Walking is that basic easy ingredient that anyone can do regardless of age, weather, or location. It is easy and it is free. Walking increases your circulation, produces endorphins that make you feel good and clears the head. I always find that whenever I have a problem, I go for a walk. Not thinking about it, it makes me think about it in a new, clear way. Walking dusts the cobwebs sort to speak. Whether it is a 10 min brisk walk, or an hour stroll on the promenade, it does the job. On a rainy, story day, I just take my umbrella and go around the block. When it’s nice, I go for a hike on a trail, and on a sunny day, I will walk around the seawall. It is an essential ingredient to my first step towards our adventures in doing the Marco Polo expedition.