Photo: Justine Swan
Photo: Justine Swan

Italy to Israel

The first phase of the journey is Venice, Italy to Acre, Israel by boat. I’m really excited about this because not only is Italy and Israel unbelievably rich in history and religion…the food is fabulous. There’s one other thing…Marco Polo did this section by boat…so a sailboat is needed.

Any sailors out there want to give us a lift…we’d be happy to swab your decks and scrape off your barnacles. Or cook at least!

Seriously, the thought of following the wake of Marco Polo 800 years later is more than I could ever have dreamed of…and the prospect of sailing the Med where my parents taught us how to swim and my father would race sailboats resonates deep in my being. So all sailors…got any room?  Photo: Adam Areseneau
Photo: Adam Areseneau